Evidence of The Resurrection

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  • Evidence of The Resurrection
    Evidence of the resurrection that show Jesus Christ rose from the dead -- plus other resurrection inspirational articles...

  • Visions of Heaven Video
    View video about "Visions of Heaven."

  • Gospels Record Resurrection
    Read what the Gospels say about the ultimate victory of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. Examine Jesus' death and resurrection.

  • You Can Know Jesus Rose Again
    You can know for sure Jesus Christ rose from the dead! Examine these facts concerning the resurrection of the Son of God and the glorious hope of the Resurrection...

  • Witnesses Knew Jesus Really Died
    Witnesses knew Jesus Christ rose from the dead. Read their stories. Learn more about the proof of the resurrection and finding hope in the resurrection of Christ.

  • Empty Tomb Evidence
    Find out the mysterious witness in the empty tomb that convinced the apostle John Jesus is alive after Jesus' death, burial and resurrection. Why is the resurrection of Jesus important?

  • Were The Disciples Confused?
    Were the disciples confused about the body of Jesus Christ? Was His body missing, or did He indeed rise from the dead? Here's evidence to support the resurrection of Jesus...

  • Grave Clothes Evidence
    Find out how the grave cloth around Jesus Christ gives silent testimony of the fact that He rose again from the dead.

  • Changed Lives Evidence
    The changed lives of the disciples show Christ rose from the dead. Their courage in the face of martyrdom demonstates evidence for the resurrection of Jesus.

  • What The Resurrection Means
    Why is the death and resurrection of Jesus important to us? What does it really mean that Jesus Christ rose from the dead? Compelling proof of Jesus' resurrection...

  • Mary Magdalene's Witness
    Read Mary Magdalene's story of her encounter with the risen Christ and how she became an evangelist to the apostles! Read the glorious good news about God and the Resurrection of His Son!

  • Harmonizing the Gospel Accounts
    Find out how to make all of the resurrection appearances of Christ fit together as you investigate the resurrection facts and the physical death of Jesus and His resurrection...

  • How to Be Saved
    Want to receive a brand new life in Christ? Here's how.

  • Free Resources
    Here's a collection of free resources to help you in your spiritual life. Here are phone numbers to call for prayer, and online Bible online Bible to download, free Bible lessons, free online sermons and more.

  • Contact
    Contact A to Z prophecy.

  • How to Experience The Ultimate Metamorphosis
    Learn how to experience the most amazing metamorphosis of all!

  • Victorious Resurrection
    Witnesses knew Jesus really rose from the dead!

  • Post Resurrection Appearances of Christ
    Learn how Jesus appeared to His disciples after His glorious resurrection. . .

  • Appearances of Christ
    Amazing appearances of the resurrected Christ will encourage your faith!