Evidence of The Resurrection

Putting The Gospel Accounts of
The Resurrection in Order

If you read the resurrection accounts in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, you will notice that each one differs from the other ones -- at least in some ways. Naturally, you may be wondering why they don't all give the same account as they record the physical death of Jesus and Resurrection facts.

The reason why the narratives are different is that each one was written by a different human author from his own unique perspective. For example, Matthew, who was a Jew, stressed a different aspect of the resurrection story than Luke -- who was a Gentile. However, the real author behind the Gospels is God.

Several scholars have placed the different resurrection encounters into a suggested order. And here is just one way the different Gospel accounts of the resurrection can all be put together:

1. On Resurrection Sunday morning at the rising of the sun, Mary Magdalene (along with several of her women friends) brought spices to anoint the body of Jesus. They asked one another who would roll the huge stone away. While on their way to the tomb, there was an earthquake at the grave. An angel rolled away the stone in front of the tomb and sat on it -- terrorizing the guards.

2. When the women arrived at the tomb just after sunrise, they discovered that the stone had been moved.

3. Mary Magdalene looked inside and saw the empty tomb of Jesus. Then she ran to get the disciples while the other women remained at the tomb. She may have left the other women or she may have also seen the angels and just couldn't take it all in.

4. The women saw two angels sitting there. They were frightened and bowed down, but the angel spoke to them and asked why they were looking for the living among the dead. "Don't be afraid! You're looking for Jesus Who was crucified, but He is not here. He has risen, just as He said." The angel reminded them that Jesus had told them he was going to be delivered into the hands of sinful man, he crucified and rise again on the third day. They were to see where his body had been placed. Then the Angels told the women to go and tell the disciples that Jesus had risen from the dead and that He would meet them in Galilee.

5. Peter and to John ran to the tomb after Mary told them Jesus' body was gone. John ran faster than Peter and came to the tomb first, but he didn't go into the cave right away. He did see the grave clothes and noticed that the body of Jesus had to have passed right through the wrappings since they were not unwound. From the evidence of the grave wrappings John was the first to believe Jesus had risen from the dead. Peter entered the tomb and saw the wrappings too. Then John entered the tomb.  Neither men understood at that point that Jesus must rise from the dead. Then they both went home.

6. Mary followed Peter and John back to the tomb and stood outside the grave crying. She looked inside the cave and saw two angels -- one seated where Jesus' head had been and the other seated where His feet had been.

The angels asked Mary why she was crying and she responded that they had taken away her lord and she didn't know where His body was.

The angel told her not to be afraid because he knew she was looking for Jesus who had been crucified. The angel wondered why she was seeking the living One among the dead. He told her Jesus was not there for He had risen just as He said. The angel asked her to remember the words of Christ while He was still in Galilee that the Son of man must be delivered into the hands of sinful men, be crucified, and  rise again on third day. The angel told her to go to His disciples and Peter and tell them He had risen from the dead and would meet them in Galilee. 

7. Jesus and Mary Magdalene speak. At first she thought He was the gardener until He called her name. She then clung to him with all her might, but He cautioned her not to hold onto Him for He had not returned to the father yet. He commissioned her to tell His disciples that He had risen from the dead.

8. After these things, the other women were still looking for the disciples when Jesus suddenly appeared to them. He told them not to be afraid, but to go and tell his brothers to go to Galilee where they would see Him. The women took hold of His feet and worshiped Him.

9. The women found the other disciples and told them what happened.

10. Mary Magdalene arrived and shared her encounter with Jesus with her friends too.

The resurrection is the most stupendous event in all of human history! There is proof of resurrection that you can find on this website and other resources as well.

However, it won't do you any good unless you personally trust Jesus yourself. I urge you to do so today!

The Burial of Christ

It was getting toward the end of the day on which Jesus was crucified. Now what was to be done with His body? As a crucified criminal He would not be entitled to an honorable burial.

But at this point, two rich and influential men stepped out of the shadows and made a public stand for Jesus.

One of them, Joseph of Arimathea, was a wealthy and respected leader among the Jews. He was known for his fair dealings and good character. This honorable man was waiting for the kingdom of God. Although a religious leader himself, Joseph had not agreed with the council's decision to crucify Jesus.

After it was certain that Jesus had died on the cross, Joseph went to Pilate and begged that he be given the body of Jesus, and the governor allowed him to take the corpse.

Another secret disciple joined Joseph that late afternoon and they buried Jesus together. This formerly timid follower was Nicodemus, who was also a religious leader. He had secretly interviewed Jesus at night -- probably so the other religious leaders wouldn't find out about it.

He brought with him about a 100 pounds of myrrh and aloes purchased with his own funds. The two men took the body of Jesus down from the cross and wrapped it in a linen cloth -- winding it round and round with the mixture of myrrh and spices according to the Jewish burial customs of that day.

Then Joseph and Nicodemus placed the body of Jesus in Joseph's own tomb which had been dug out of a rock near a garden. This was a new grave not far from where Jesus had been crucified.

Joseph rolled a large stone in front of the cave and then the two companions left.

Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus have gone down in history as true friends of Jesus of Nazareth. They risked their reputations to give a proper Jewish burial to a supposed common criminal.

There is often a high price for taking a public stand for Jesus today as well. Those who are truly redeemed will pay the price by God's grace. They will never regret it -- just as I'm sure Joseph and Nicodemus never regretted their public stand either.