Evidence of The Resurrection

You Can Know Jesus
Rose from The Dead!

You Can Experience for Yourself The Hope of the Resurrection


Do you believe Jesus Christ rose from the dead and is alive right now?

Or do you believe that the resurrection is a myth?

If you spend the few minutes necessary to read this article about the resurrection of the Son of God, you may be in for a surprise!

You will read life-changing news! Please consider the evidence of the resurrection of Christ for yourself.

Do you realize that the resurrection does not fit into the legend or myth category at all? There are a number of factors that go against the resurrection being a myth or legend.

Here are some facts for you to consider about the resurrection of the Son of God:

1. Legends take time to develop, but the news of the resurrection of Christ sprang up immediately.

Do you realize how long it takes for a myth to develop? Legends develop over a period of time and get embellished in the retelling of the stories. So it really takes a number of generations for myths to fully develop into their final forms.

The resurrection occurred in a particular definite location in Palestine under Pontius Pilate. The news was rapidly broadcast all over the Roman empire.

2. Over 500 witnesses encountered the risen Christ.

After His resurrection, Jesus Christ appeared to His followers for 40 days. At one time He appeared to more than 500 people at one time. Any of these people could answer questions. A lot of them remained alive years later after the resurrection to tell their own personal stories about seeing the living Christ.

Not all of these witnesses were friendly. One of them was a hostile witness. His name was Saul of Tarsus.

The number of witnesses in trials today is crucial. If you were to parade 500 eyewitnesses of a murder in a court of law before the jury, the accused would be found guilty due to the sheer number of eyewitnesses.

Remember, in the case of the resurrection of the Son of God, there were over 500 eyewitnesses!

3. The first Church was entirely Jewish and Jews are monotheists.

The death and rebirth of mythical gods is foreign to Judaism since Jews believe in only one God.

4. There is no description of the resurrection itself in the Bible.

If the resurrection was a legend, it would be described in glowing details.

5. The first witnesses to the resurrection were women.

However, the testimony of women didn't count in Roman or Jewish courts in that day, so why would a legend revolve around women instead of men?

If the resurrection is a legend, why would the people who started it want women to be the first witnesses since their testimony didn't even count in that day?

The apostles, who were the secondary heroes, were hiding from the Jews for fear of their lives.

You see, the women in the Gospel story were brave, but the men were totally devastated and scared to death! Remember, this was a patriarchal society. And if people were going to concoct a myth about the resurrection of Jesus Christ, they would not want to make women appear courageous in a man's world.

6. One of the prime witnesses, Mary Magdalene, didn't even recognize Jesus when she first saw Him.

Surprisingly, She didn't even see anything special about Jesus after the resurrection
at first and even thought He was a gardener!  Does this sounds like a legendary hero?

7. What motive would the first Church have of suffering for a shamefully hung criminal?

The first Church was entirely made up of Jewish monotheists. Why would they accept as their Messiah a criminal that have been shamefully crucified on a Roman cross?


To summarize, the resurrection is not a myth.  There was no time for a legend to develop. The story of the resurrection sprang up instantly. There were over 500 eyewitnesses who saw the living Christ. The death and rebirth of mythical gods is foreign to Judaism since they are monotheists and the first church was totally Jewish. Why would the apostle Paul, who started out as an enemy, later be willing to be martyred because he refused to deny the resurrection of Christ? Why were thousands of people willing to die -- even as human torches covered with oil to light Caesar's garden so his guests could see at night?

The resurrection of the Son of God from the dead is a historical fact!  Many people have trusted Him and receive brand new lives.  Why not you?

If you have not yet trusted Christ as your own Savior, why not trust Him right now?

Yes, trust Him and live for ever! Experience for yourself the glorious reality of the resurrection of Christ!  Find out how wonderful it is to know deep in your own heart the peace and joy of the hope of the resurrection for yourself and your loved ones as well!

The Burial of Christ

It was getting toward the end of the day on which Jesus was crucified. Now what was to be done with His body? As a crucified criminal He would not be entitled to an honorable burial.

But at this point, two rich and influential men stepped out of the shadows and made a public stand for Jesus.

One of them, Joseph of Arimathea, was a wealthy and respected leader among the Jews. He was known for his fair dealings and good character. This honorable man was waiting for the kingdom of God. Although a religious leader himself, Joseph had not agreed with the council's decision to crucify Jesus.

After it was certain that Jesus had died on the cross, Joseph went to Pilate and begged that he be given the body of Jesus, and the governor allowed him to take the corpse.

Another secret disciple joined Joseph that late afternoon and they buried Jesus together. This formerly timid follower was Nicodemus, who was also a religious leader. He had secretly interviewed Jesus at night -- probably so the other religious leaders wouldn't find out about it.

He brought with him about a 100 pounds of myrrh and aloes purchased with his own funds. The two men took the body of Jesus down from the cross and wrapped it in a linen cloth -- winding it round and round with the mixture of myrrh and spices according to the Jewish burial customs of that day.

Then Joseph and Nicodemus placed the body of Jesus in Joseph's own tomb which had been dug out of a rock near a garden. This was a new grave not far from where Jesus had been crucified.

Joseph rolled a large stone in front of the cave and then the two companions left.

Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus have gone down in history as true friends of Jesus of Nazareth. They risked their reputations to give a proper Jewish burial to a supposed common criminal.

There is often a high price for taking a public stand for Jesus today as well. Those who are truly redeemed will pay the price by God's grace. They will never regret it -- just as I'm sure Joseph and Nicodemus never regretted their public stand either.